Get a Deluxe Detox at the Fresh & Fit Bootcamp in JLT

Get a Deluxe Detox at the Fresh & Fit Bootcamp in JLT

05 Nov 2014

Join Dubai's latest health initiative and improve your fitness in only four weeks

Feeling stressed out and stuck with eating unhealthy foods because of it? We suggest you try and whip yourself back into shape in only four weeks!
The Fresh & Fit health initiative launched by Fresh Juice Bar will help you get rid of unwanted pounds and cleanse your body with yummy detox juice packages, all wrapped up in a month-long programme, to get you back into shape in no time.

The programme comes in a 'Juicy Package', including 40 nourishing juices, along with three boot camp training sessions per week. The "Deluxe Package" contains everything that is in the "Juicy Package", with the addition of one salad per day, five days a week, from one of our favourite healthy eateries, Richy's JLT.

In order to track your progress, the Fresh & Fit initiative will conduct a "before and after" fitness and body measurements assessment. In addition to the fitness aspects of the programme, participants will get some nutritional advice from an expert team.

Qualified personal trainer, Robert Richards, will be leading the boot camp classes each week starting with the launch session at the JLT basketball court on 9 November. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Richards is the perfect match to get even the laziest participant on his feet.
Fresh, fun and definately

INFO: Juicy Package Dhs1,995, Deluxe Package Dhs2,575. Boot camp sessions 6:30pm and 7:30pm, JLT Park, 050 849 1240,