Gery Halliwell's Comeback Ruined

Her former manager branded her "self-absorbed"
Monday , 18 April 2011
Gery Halliwell's Comeback Ruined
Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell’s ex-manager Jenny Frankfurt has branded the star “needy and self-absorbed” in a revealing interview that threatens to destroy the singer’s chances of a successful comeback.

Jenny has worked with some of the industry’s biggest stars including Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez yet claims her eight years with Geri were the craziest, spilling, “I’d learned quickly that when Geri clicked her fingers, you jumped.”

Her frank confessions are said to have put Geri’s career in jeopardy – the 38-year-old has been in talks with X Factor execs and had plans for a Spice Girl revival. Adding, “Geri could be sweet, kind and generous. But she was also the most needy, self-absorbed and paranoid person.”

Claiming the star’s attention seeking ways annoyed industry big wigs she explained, “During one meeting for a possible TV show, she lay on the floor and started doing yoga while the baffled executives tried to discuss the project.” After reprimanding the star, Geri yelled, referring to herself in third person, “I’m Geri Halliwell and Geri knows what she’s doing.”

Jenny also claims Geri was needy for men, spilling, “She’d been madly in love with Robbie Williams, but I got the impression they never slept together.” Geri also fell for Hollywood actor Jerry O’Connell but the affair was short-lived due to her erractic behaviour – “The relationship was in full swing then Jerry called asking me to tell her it was over. I sensed he thought she was nuts.”

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