Gerard loves the 12 days of Christmas

Hot actor says holidays are very different now
Gerard loves the 12 days of Christmas
Gerard Butler

Christmas Day has always been a huge anti-climax for Scottish movie hunk GERARD BUTLER - he has always preferred the buildup.

The 300 star admits the holidays are very different now than they were when he was a poor kid growing up in Glasgow.

He recalls, "It was almost impossible to contain my excitement. I didn't come from a particularly wealthy family so anything that we got was so much more appreciated.

"My mum was a single mother and, with dad living in Canada, we really didn't get anything from him, but all the rest of the family was very close. I had a lot of aunts and uncles, great grand uncles and they would always make sure that we were alright.

"My uncle would build us a sled or we'd get these weird wonderful gifts, and I would always be thinking I would catch Santa coming down the chimney.

"Coming from a country where it gets cold and it snows, there's a real Christmassy feeling in Scotland. Then comes the day where you have to start getting the presents and it loses that magic suddenly and Christmas becomes a huge pain in the a**."