Gerard Lands In Dubai!

And forget the rumours ladies, he’s single! (hurrah!)
Tuesday , 15 December 2009
Gerard Lands In Dubai!

Scottish hottie Gerard Butler attended a press conference at DIFF today, as part of his whirlwind trip to the region. Flying in to the UAE for just 36 hours to attend the film fest, the 40-year says he cleared his busy schedule just to be here.

“I first came to Dubai for the Atlantis opening last year,” he said. “And I loved it! This time, I’ve only got a day and a half – but that’s how much I love Dubai.”

The Ugly Truth actor – who has been romantically linked to a series of A-list actresses recently, including Jennifer Aniston and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra – was keen to clear up a few rumours about his private life.

“Priyanka is just a good friend,” he says of the actress he was reported to have proposed to earlier this year. “We met when I was travelling with friends in India and she threw a party for me.”

Adding, “The gossip [about my love life] does annoy me, but I try not to let it get to me.”