Gerard Bulter was asked to play James Bond once upon a time

But now, he thinks he's too old for the role
ByJulianne TolentinoThursday , 15 August 2019
Gerard Bulter was asked to play James Bond once upon a time

Gerard Bulter poured cold water on any hopes that he would play James Bond in the near future, and it's all because he thinks he's just way too old for the role now. 

The Scottish actor has been linked to the suave spy, 007 for years now, and some fans are still hoping he'd take the baton for the next movie, following the announcement that Daniel Craig will hang up his 007 badge for any new takers. 

Other notable names have been mentioned, from Gerard to Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and James Norton, and Bulter are just convinced that time is no longer on this side. 

The 49-year-old actor revealed his thoughts on taking the role while promoting his new movie 'Angel Has Fallen' on British radio show Capital Breakfast. 

Butler told radio host Roman Kemp: "I had a meeting for it (Bond), like, 20 years ago. Now, I think I’m at a nice ripe old age where they won’t be coming back my way, which is fine... I love Bond. I grew up on Bond."

It seems like Butler is actually quite content with his role as Mike Banning in the Olympus Has Fallen film franchise, and insisted that he's pretty much living out his Bond fantasies in the part. 

"We created our own Bond, and that’s more fun than to have to play Bond and be compared to the others like, 'he's not as good as him...' I won't ever have to go through that," he said. 

Angel Has Fallen will be out on the big screen on August 21st. 

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