Gerard’s secret dates

17 Nov 2009

Movie star admits to secret girlfriends… but who’s the lucky lady?

GERARD BUTLER is glad he's been linked to a string of Hollywood beauties - because the false rumours have kept his real-life romances out of the public eye.

The 300 star has been rumoured to be dating several leading ladies over the last few months including Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan.

But the star took his mum as his date to the premiere of his latest movie, Law Abiding Citizen, in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday, to silence any further gossip.

And he admits he finds the constant rumours hilarious - because he's been involved with several unnamed women away from the spotlight.

He says, "Even if it's (the) early stage of you dating somebody, or even if it's a friend that's a girl and you go, 'Hell, (I'll) take her down the red carpet', it's not worth it. It's getting ridiculous, I just haven't got the time. In actual fact, the crazy thing is I've had a couple of relationships during this time that nobody knew about, meanwhile they're (the press are) speculating about people that I've got nothing going on with, so it's been quite funny."