Is George Ready...

To become a father???
Wednesday , 05 March 2008
Is George Ready...

Of course!
With all his pals, including Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, settled into family life and kids, George is said to be seriously rethinking his ‘eternal bachelor' status.

The 46-year-old let his body language do the talking on the Oscars red carpet as far as Sarah Larson, 29, was concerned, and is said to be hugely loved up with the one-time Fear Factor winner, to the extent that he's considering her baby wishes.

"[Sarah] wants to get pregnant by the time she's 30," spilled a source. And as George recently asked her to move in with him, with pals saying, "She's made him very happy and doesn't stress him out," a baby may be on the cards.

No way!
His love of practical jokes and the spontaneous motorbike trips are both indicative of George's reluctance to be tied down.

Refusing to get married, and always avoiding the question of kids, it's clear that, currently, the only baby in George's life is his fledgling directing career.

Having just wrapped on his latest effort, Leatherheads, and with two more movies in production, George's attitude to starting a family is best summed up by his ex, Lisa Snowdon.

"I want marriage, babies, the works, you know?" spilled the Brit model-turned-TV presenter. "He told me we were happy as we are. Well, it's not what I want."