George: "My girlfriend should act"

Mr Clooney proves it's not what you know, but who you know...
Sunday , 06 January 2008
Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi

GEORGE CLOONEY is so convinced his girlfriend SARAH LARSON has what it takes to be a Hollywood star, that he's asked his director friend STEVEN SODERBERGH to cast her in his upcoming movie. The cheek!

Clooney has been dating former waitress (read: waitress) Larson since last summer and is certain she is good-looking and talented enough to enjoy success as an actress. (Notice he puts good-looking before talented?)

Although Clooney doesn't want to co-star in a film with someone he's romantically involved with, he's asked his Ocean's Eleven director friend Soderbergh if he can cast her in his next movie, Garland Bunting Project. (Read: he doesn't want to be in the movie with her in case it makes him look bad).

An insider tells U.S. magazine In Touch Weekly, "George thinks Sarah could be a huge star. That's why he's helping her with her career."

Hmmmm - "Garland Bunting Project, starring former good looking waitress." Not sure that wordy combo is gonna get us flocking to the cinema, but there ya go. We've been wrong before (snigger).