George Clooney Arrested!

The T'Town star ended up in police custody during a protest in Washington D.C.
Saturday , 17 March 2012
George Clooney Arrested!
George ended up in handcuffs during a protest!

He was in
Washington to attend a state dinner with US President Obama and UK Prime Minster
David Cameron but during his visit to the American capital, George Clooney
ended up in handcuffs! During a protest in Washington on Friday to prevent the looming
starvation crisis in South Sudan, the T’Town star and his journalist father
Nick were placed in handcuffs and driven away by secret service agents after
they ignored three requests from cops to leave the area of a humanitarian

George, his father and 13 fellow protesters were charged with disorderly conduct
after crossing a police line. The T’Town heartthrob called his arrest "a
deeply humiliating thing".

After two
hours in police custody, George was released and joked, “I guess people
aren't allowed to hang out at the Sudanese embassy. I didn't know that!” The Descendants star has been
campaigning for international humanitarian help in Sudan for years, and he
travelled to the African nation last week to gather first-hand information
about the crisis. We hope George finds a way to help that doesn’t involve time
in ‘cuffs!

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