Geordiebird's Got a New Job!

The Dubai 92 presenter is moving on - we caught up with her to find out more
BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 23 April 2015
Geordiebird's Got a New Job!

After almost 10 years as co-presenter of the Dubai 92 Breakfast Show, Geordiebird has dropped her moniker and spread her wings skywards joining Dubai Eye’s travel show, The Ticket, under her real name Steph Burgon. We caught up with her to find out more…

You’ve just landed the jammiest job in radio and we have total career envy – what did you have to do for the interview?
It was a tough interview process actually. A lot of great people were in the running and I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. I had to present my ideas for the show and I also had to spend a week standing in on air to see how the chemistry sounded with my possible new co-host Mark. Doing that, as well as the breakfast show that week was really hard. I was pretty grumpy to be around come 7pm!

What will you miss most about the Breakfast Show?
Definitely the banter! There’s real ease when you’ve worked with someone for nearly a decade. You know where they’re going to go with a story, sometimes even before they do. That’s a safe place to be. Equally, I’m looking forward to having the safety net ripped out from under me and facing a new challenge. 

Now you have your mornings back, how will you be spending them?
I’m a morning person so I don’t think I’ll waste them in bed. Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day, so the plan is to get cooking, and then eat on the balcony with my fiancé Simo and Frank the cat.

What’s been your best ever travel experience to date?
I rented an Air BnB loft in Brooklyn a couple of years ago (see for details) and I spent two weeks pottering around Bedford Avenue and in Park Slope. It’s full of vintage stores, amazing places to eat and really interesting people to talk to. It’s nowhere near as hard on your wallet at New York and a way better experience. I didn’t want to leave! 

And what’s been your worst?
I’ve stayed in a few dodgy places, accommodation wise, but I’ve honestly never had an awful travel experience (touch wood!). I enjoy it when things don’t go to plan and you have to make the best of it. That’s when it gets interesting.

What do you never leave home without?
Telling Frank (the cat) when I’ll be back.

Who’s your favourite travel companion?
Simo, my fiancé. He’s my best friend.

If you could take any celeb on holiday, who would it be?
John Travolta. Nicest bloke I’ve ever interviewed. He was so charismatic and I think there are probably still a few good stories I didn’t manage to get out of him.

Planes, trains or automobiles – what’s your favourite mode of transport?
I like driving holidays because you’re the master of your own destiny. I love the idea of train journeys too, like the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada and the Trans Siberian Express. Hopefully, I’ll get to see if the reality lives up to the idea in my new job.

So, where’s first on your travel presenter’s hit list?
Oh the list is so long! Japan, Canada, New Orleans, San Francisco, Alaska, Sweden, New Zealand, Russia and Tristan Da Cunha, of course! [END ICON]




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