Geminid meteor shower to take place this week in the UAE

You'll be able to see it until December 16
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 10 December 2017
Geminid meteor shower to take place this week in the UAE

UAE nights are currently chilly, perfect for a barbecue or late night hot chocolate.

Another thing you can do this week? Head out to watch the Geminid Meteor Shower! Is expected to be visible until Saturday, December 16 so you've got the whole week to plan your viewing! The Geminid meteor shower is almost two centuries old, and its first recorded observation was in 1833 from the Mississippi River, USA.

Khaleej Times reports that the Geminid meteor shower will be particularly breathtaking during the night of December 13 and early morning of December 14, and the Dubai Astronomy Group has predicted at least 120 meteors to be visible in a single hour.

According to astrology experts, the best time to view a meteor shower is in the hours just before dawn, so be sure to catch some sleep during the day if you want to stay up all night to see this phenomenon. 

It's also best to head outside the city, away from the lights and buzz in order to get a good view.
Where will you be going to watch the Geminid Meteor Shower?

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