Cavalli Club Dubai: Monday Geisha Nights

Cavalli Club Dubai: Monday Geisha Nights

25 Jul 2017

Delicious sushi and glamour

You've made it through Sunday and even managed to get to the end of Monday without shouting at anyone. We think you deserve a treat. As does Cavalli Club.

The super glam nightspot has launched a brand new night. Geisha on Monday nights is your new go-to if luxe Asian food is your thing. We popped along to try out the venue and were very surprised by how chilled it was compared to Cavalli's usual affair.

Geisha nights at Cavalli Club Dubai

We take a (leopard print) seat at our huge round table, situated right in from of the DJ booth. Giant platters of the prettiest looking sushi is delivered with a flourish to the table. Each sushi roll and portion looks like a veritable work of art. Bubbles flow constantly as we sample the mouthwatering Asian cuisine. As well as delicate sushi, we're treated to skewers of juicy beef along with freshy cooked rice and noodle dishes. It's all yummy and the perfect way to finish Monday. 

INFO: Mon, weekly, Dhs299 (bubbly) and Asian food, 8.30pm-midnight, 050 9910400,