Gary Rhodes Gets 'Yolked' Live on Radio

Celeb chef got more than he bargained for on The Kris Fade Show
Wednesday , 14 March 2012
Gary Rhodes Gets 'Yolked' Live on Radio
Gary gets yolked

Celebrity chef and Dubai regular Gary Rhodes is used to working with eggs - but perhaps not in the way Kris Fade had in mind on his Virgin Radio show this week!

Gary was a good sport and agreed to take part in a game of egg-based Russian roulette that involved him and Rossi from the breakfast show team each smashing an egg on their heads - players choose from a basket of eggs where all but one are hard boiled.

While listeners waited to hear who'd been unlucky enough to be egged with the raw one, what the team in the studio didn't count on was that it's not so simple to boil an egg.

Of course Virgin stooge Rossi picked the egg that hadn't been boiled at all - bless! - but the one Gary picked could have done with being boiled for much longer. It was still soft and Gary got yolked!

We hear he took it with a smile, and hopefully gave the Kris Fade and the team a lesson on how to hard boil eggs for future reference!

Check out Gary getting egg on his face here:

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