Gary Barlow Reveals Why Robbie's Too Busy, and Coldplay & Sam Smith Are His Kind of Guys

The Take That singer speaks exclusively with Ahlan! ahead of his Dubai concert
ByJJ AnisiobiMonday , 08 September 2014
Gary Barlow Reveals Why Robbie's Too Busy, and Coldplay & Sam Smith Are His Kind of Guys
Gary Barlow speaks to Ahlan! ahead of his Dubai gig

When we heard that one of our all-time favourite singers Gary Barlow was coming to Dubai on Friday 17 October, we got very excited. Then, we found out that the 43-year-old wanted to speak to Team Ahlan! ahead of his concert because he’s a big fan of the magazine, and we were positively giddy! So naturally we took this opportunity to ask him when Take That are getting back together, if he likes Celebrity Big Brother and what Robbie’s up to these days.

The Since I Saw You Last tour is a huge success, how do you feel? Of course very pleased, not only for the success but also how much fun we had doing it all! It really was a great period!

Ending your world tour in Dubai will be pretty cool, and Team Ahlan! will definitely show you around town. Honestly, I’m beyond excited! I love doing new things and I’ve never played anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Yeah, the weather is special, but I also like the general vibe! Dubai still feels like a new exciting city with loads of opportunities!

You’ve made sixteen stops across the UK and Ireland before coming here, but what was your favourite stop so far? Every night has been special, sounds corny I know but when you’ve had a second chance in your career you enjoy every second of every show.

You added a further four dates after the concert tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes after going on sale, did you expect such reactions? No I didn’t, in fact I was worried about playing such big venues! So pleased it all worked out.

You’ve been performing a mix of both your solo material and Take That songs. We’re sure you put on a great solo show, but do you miss the boys? I always miss Take That and I’m still my most happy when the band is back together working! It’s truly great fun. 

So does that mean we can expect a full reunion with Robbie included any time soon? I don’t know! He’s popping out babies right left and centre!

You’ve been in the industry for over 23 years, what artists do you like in today’s market? I still love my Coldplay albums, Sam Smith and The 1975. Also I’ve been enjoying some film score albums recently! 

Would you ever go on Big Brother or I’m A Celebrity? Ha! No thanks! 

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