A Chat With Gary Barlow Ahead of his Dubai Gig Tomorrow

Ahlan! caught up with the Take That star to ask him some interesting questions
ByAriel Robinson Thursday , 16 October 2014
Take That! Gary Barlow and Deputy Editor JJ
Take That! Gary Barlow and Deputy Editor JJ
Gary Barlow to Perform in Dubai on 17 Oct
Gary Barlow to Perform in Dubai on 17 Oct

Gary Barlow is set to perform his hits on stage in Dubai on the 17 October. The Take That star is known for his classic songs like Rule The World, Patience as well as his more recent solos like Let Me Go. The singer, with 8 number one albums, 15 number one singles and 30million album sales, will be performing in Dubai for the last leg of his tour and it'll be a great night.

We decided to chat with him and ask questions about his thoughts on Dubai and if there is any hope of any members returning to the band!

Is this your first time in Dubai?
I've been here loads of times. On holiday though, it's nice to be back.

We were out with Lisa Scott-Lee last night, she said to say hi!
Oh that's nice of her. I heard she's living out here now. She's a lovely girl, we used to hang out a little bit a while back.

Lisa and her hubby Johnny have recently launched the Dubai Performing Arts Academy. She taught Team Ahlan! the dance to Tragedy and is teaching the next generation of singers, dancers and actors the tricks of the trade.
Wow, that sounds great. Good for her, I'm really pleased she's doing well for herself.

Which is your favourite band member in Take That?
You're going to cause me real trouble now! I've said it before so I'm fine saying Howard is kind of like my friend in the band but we see a lot of each other outside the band as well.

Do you regret wearing any of those boy band outfits back in the day?
We can't regret it. It got us to where we are now. I look back at those pictures though and I think 'how the hell did we have a career after those crazy videos?'. I mean clearly we wanted to be noticed but we were noticed for all the wrong reasons unfortunately!

Who is your favourite band or artist at the moment?
I've always loved Coldplay. I've always followed them really closely. I like Ed Sheeran; he's a good British talent. There's a lot happening at the moment. Sam Smith...there's a lot of good music coming through at the moment.

Are you in to fashion? Who's your favourite designer? Who would you love to wear all the time?
I wear quite a lot of high street stuff. I really like the new TopMan stuff. There's great stuff at TopMan and River Island as well. I tend to not really go for high fashion unless I'm going smart where I want to wear a nice suit, I would do a Tom Ford suit. I think it's worth spending money on a suit but general sort of wear, I go for street stuff. It's so good these days.

What's your favourite thing about Dubai?
Obviously the weather. The weather is unbelievable and that's what I think draws all us Brits in for holidays, the fact that you've got guaranteed sun all year round, it's great.

Do you still watch the X Factor?
Do you know what, I've seen just one this year just because I've been travelling a lot but it looks good. I kind of miss it a bit. I miss it when I watch things like Judges House, I used to love that weekend but now of course, they're doing 10 weekends of live shows before Christmas. I don't miss that. That really takes it out of you.

Are you still in touch with Simon Cowell?
I haven't been since the guy moved on because I've been doing just music this year with the new Take That album and all the rest of it so no, not really.

You're in great shape, what is your workout regime?
Thank you. I do all sorts of different stuff. I go for a run, I sometimes go to the gym, do a few weights and stuff. I do yoga and pilates now again. I used to do it more than I do at the moment. I used to do it twice a week. I'm not flexible, that's why I do it but I think as you get older, yoga becomes more important.

Playing the piano now and compared to when you were younger, is it harder to play piano with your fingers moving so quickly?
No, I think it's the same. There's no difference. I was better when I was younger, I was a better player. I can still play really quickly.

What do you think of girls like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna? You're not on the stage in a bikini, having to sell your body so to speak to sell music.
I might do tomorrow; it might be too hot for a suit. It's time the guys come back with bikini wear on stage. Push Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to one side because now the guys are coming through.

You've written a ton of hits, what's your favourite one?
I pick Back for Good. It always gets one of the best reactions at the concert for me. When you play that song, people love it. They love singing along and I think it takes people back to a time. It came out in 1995, nearly 20 years ago! So it goes down so well at a gig so I'll say that one.

Are you going to replace any of the missing Take That members with any new guys?
Nope. I think we're moving forward as a band. People need to be prepared that there could be a bit of a revolving door. Band members could rejoin us and I think that's what's going to keep them interested.

INFO:Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, Dhs350 regular, Dhs450 grandstand seating, Dhs600 Golden Circle, Dhs1,000 VIP, book at www.timeouttickets.com, www.garybarlowdubai.com

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