HBO hilariously responds to Game of Thrones Starbucks cup mistake

08 May 2019

The show travelled in time to the 21st Century

HBO's Game of Thrones fans have flooded the internet after noticing something clearly out of place in the fourth episode last Sunday. What, you wonder? Well, during a scene when Jon and Dany were enjoying a feast after winning the Battle of Winterfell, a 21st Century Starbucks cup appeared in the shot.

Fans including celebrities instantly spotted the mistake and took to social media with shots from the scene and a whole lot of jokes. 

Here are some of our favourite reactions...


The coffee cup has now been edited out of the online version of the episode, and the show admitted it was a mistake through a funny tweet hinting that things can be forgotten on set. Hilarious. 

Anybody else now really craving a Starbucks?