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This is how much money the Game of Thrones cast make per episode

17 Apr 2019

Let's talk cash

HBO premiered the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, and while it's no secret the cast is rather well paid (it is one of the biggest TV shows in history), you might be surprised to learn how much each actor takes home from an episode. It's been reported that post season 8, the stars could be the highest paid actors on TV today. Wow. 

Here are some of the core cast members and how much they make per episode (cha-ching!)

Kit Harrington - $710,000 (Dhs2,607,936)

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Tonight. #GameofThrones

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So beautiful. Deserves every dollar. 

Emilia Clarke - $710,000 (Dhs2,607,936)

Did you know that Emilia Clarke was the seventh highest paid TV star on a prime time show from 2017-2018? Well, keep scrolling because we found her partner in dime Lena Heady.  

Lena Heady -$710,000  (Dhs2,607,936)


All hail the Queen... 

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4 days. #GameofThrones

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Peter Dinklage- $710,000 (Dhs2,607,936)

Your favourite House of Lannister member?... Maybe 

Maisie Williams - $210,000 (Dhs771,361)

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Lady of Winterfell. #GameofThrones

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Apparently Arya Stark is considered as Tier B cast, which means that she gets paid less than the main cast members. But that's okay because she's still makin' it rain.  

Sophie Turner -$210,000 (Dhs771,361)


Hello Mrs.Jonas to be. Sansa Stark is making the same money as her sister Arya and she is rocking it. 

Yep, we officially feel poor.