Game of Thrones Season 7: Everything you need to know

Ahlan!’s guide to the most anticipated TV event of the year. GoT season seven is coming...
ByEllen KerryWednesday , 05 July 2017
Game of Thrones Season 7: Everything you need to know

Based on George RR Martin’s best-selling novels, Game Of Thrones is now in its seventh and penultimate season. Winter has finally arrived in Westeros. Cersei, Jon Snow and Daenerys are all on thrones, albeit Cersei's is on the only throne that anyone REALLY cares about. That doesn’t mean she’s sitting pretty, though. Everyone who has been keeping up with GoT appearances since the show started in 2011 will know that anyone residing on the Iron Throne is mere episodes away from possible death. Can Cersei see it through? Here’s what we know so far... 

Played to sarcastic perfection by Peter Dinklage, Tyrion started out as the cheeky ne’er-do-well with a brain sharper than a hunting knife. As the seasons progressed, the youngest Lannister su ered torture, abuse and ridicule. And that was just at the hands of his own family. When pushed, Tyrion showed bravery, loyalty and true courage, endearing him forever in the hearts of the viewers. In season six, we saw the former King’s Hand join forces with Daenerys Targaryen and plot to help her take the throne. Harsh burn, Lannister. 

Handsome Brit Kit Harington stars as Snow, who appeared in episode one as the illegitimate son of Ned Stark. Soon banished to The Wall, Jon fell in love with the wildling Ygritte (Rose Leslie) and eventually was betrayed by his brethren, which lead to his death. As if a little death is going to stop Snow! In season six, he came back from the dead (seriously) and began his search for his lost Stark half-siblings. Flashbacks revealed more about his beginnings. Could he be a Targaryen and, therefore, have a legitimate claim on the throne? We’ve already seen on-set season seven shots of him standing with Daenerys. OMG. 

One of the most searched for and written about characters, Daenerys (real-life brunette, Emilia Clarke), has been on an empowering journey. Sold as a wife in season one to a (hot) Dothraki leader by her own brother, in a bid to gain access to the throne she ditched her bro (in a very hurty way), su ered heartache, and gained three fire-breathing dragons before leading her Dothraki army to a better life in Westeros. On her way she freed slaves and punished anyone who wronged her people or challenged her. Can she reclaim her family’s throne and bring order to Westeros? 

Maisie Williams was aged just 14 when she began filming GoT. Her character, Arya, was a tomboy with a penchant for wooden swords, who irritated her girly older sister, Sansa. After the petite brunette witnessed the death of her father, Ned (we’re still not over it), she went on the run from the Lannisters with a huge beast of a man called The Hound, and a kill list of everyone who had wronged the Stark family. It’s not a short list. While in the wilderness, Arya upgraded her wooden stake for a real-life metal sword and swiftly set about sorting out that list. On her travels, she met the Faceless Man (if you know, you know. Or you think you do) and ended up in Braavos, where she went blind and had to fight for her life. Again. What the viewers really want to see is Arya reunited with what is left of her family. We’re rooting for Arya to be the one to finally sort Cersei Lannister out. And finally make up with her sister, Sansa. 

Oh, Sansa. The naive teenager we met in episode one was obsessed with finding a prince to marry. Little did she know the hurt and heartbreak that would follow. Sansa, played by Sophie Turner, battles oppression, torture, and is the subject of one of the most controversial scenes in GoT’s history. Yet she has survived it all. And is now ANGRY. After finally escaping the clutches of evil Ramsey Bolton, Sansa reunited with half-brother Jon Snow in season six, propelling him to forge a fight plan. Season seven is surely going to yield yet more proof that Sansa is the ultimate boss lady that we all underestimated. 

Cersei was never a fool, nor did she suffer fools gladly. A trait that has helped her stay alive, albeit alive and evil. The current queen of Westeros managed to nab the Iron Throne and obliterate her rivals in a shocking move in the last season. That was after she spent what felt like a hundred years trapped as a prisoner by the annoying High Sparrow. She also had to walk naked through the whole of Westeros while people chucked garbage at her and yelled “SHAME”. And they made her cut her waist-length hair off. That was a shame. Will she keep hold of her new top-dog position? 

Looking like GoT’s very own Ken Doll, Jaime Lannister turned out to be very sinister indeed. The King Slayer, as he is known in the show, goes to the ends of the earth to protect his far-too-close sister. When he is taken prisoner along with Brianne of Tarth, he shows a surprising softer side, choosing to stand up for the female warrior and thereby sacrificing his sword-wielding hand. Robo-Jaime returned to Westeros in season six, just in time to see Cersei take the throne after murdering hundreds of people. As much as he blindly loves his sister, has she gone too far, even in the world of GoT? Will Jaime be the one to stop her? 

Possibly the cutest little boy in all of the North, Bran loved to scale heights. He su ered a nasty fall at the hands of a Lannister and lost the use of his legs. Once his family was disbanded, Bran went underground with his pal, Hodor. Literally. Turns out, as well as being a cutie, Bran posesses the power of greensight, aka he has the ability to perceive the future. He’s also a warg and can inhabit his direwolf Summer and explore the world. Though we didn’t see much of Bran in season six, GoT’s fans believe the young Stark will have a primary role in the finale. We can’t wait! 

Worried you’re going to miss out on the action or stumble across a pesky S7 spoiler? Not if OSN has anything to do with it. Game of Thrones season seven will be available on OSN Play and OSN on Demand on 17 July, 5am UAE time. It will premiere on the channel the same day at 11pm UAE time. So no more FOMO!

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