Galactic Meditation

How to chill out using a new form of meditation
Tuesday , 16 August 2011
Galactic Meditation
Jo becomes one with Spock

It’s 8pm on a Monday evening and I’m lying on a mattress in a back garden in Mirdif. Gentle music is playing, a candle is burning, there’s some heavy breathing happening next to me and I’m seeing stars. No, it’s not what you think; you haven’t stumbled upon an illegal al fresco love-in but a meditation session, and not your average session at that. While there are many different goals to meditation, from unlocking emotional blockages to pinpointing pain to overcoming fears and phobias, the latest trend is for meditation sessions where your sole aim is to communicate with alien life forms.

Known as galactic meditation, it’s practiced by 30-year-old Dubai-based Sana Lohi of spiritual healing company Discover Nirvana and she discovered it four months ago, while she herself was in a transcendent state. “I was meditating and messages came to me that connecting with other life forms was my calling,” she says. According to Lohi, who has been meditating for the past nine years, the study of quantum physics, combined with scientific research, confirms the idea of life existing not only in other frequencies and dimensions, but also all around us. “It’s possible to communicate to these civilisations and beings through our inner senses alone,” she says. “When reaching a place of inner peace and silence through meditation, your soul will come out of the body and connect with the universe, then you can receive and send telepathic messages.”

Since her calling, Lohi has held regular galactic group sessions with out of this world results. So far her clients claim to have experienced alien contact, journeys on UFOs, weightlessness and future predictions made by extraterrestrials. The goal, Lohi says, is to ask them questions like, is there life in another universe? Why don’t aliens reveal themselves or will the world really end in 2012? She does point out that of course I can ask them anything I want to if what I’m seeking are the answers to any personal issues, and they will naturally appear in my subconscious.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. I’m the girl who used to hide behind the sofa when the Dalek’s hit the screen in Doctor Who, but Lohi reassures me that the aliens can show themselves in different forms. “They may appear as an angel or someone in your life who loves you.” Plus, whatever the goal of your meditation, it has been proven to reduces stress, insomnia and depression. So, whether or not I become best friends with Marvin the martian, in health terms at least, I’m onto a winner.

The session lasts an hour and starts with us lying on our backs on a mat and deep breathing before “picturing mini-versions of ourselves in our hearts surrounded by a ball of white light”. Lohi’s instructions continue, “Fall deeper and deeper through your bodies and down to Mother Earth. Here you can smell the soil, feel the air and you can sense the light all around you…”

Mmmm, all I feel is annoyed at myself for thinking that wearing jeans and a long sleeved top in 40 degree heat was a sensible idea. I focus my breathing again, squeeze my eyes tight, and attempt to rid my mind of chatter.“Now you can see the universe before you and perhaps you can see shapes or colours forming in front of your mind’s eye…” Lohi coos. “These are the aliens and now you must ask them what you need to know.” I’m trying, really I am. In the safe confines of my mind I start with the obvious request; ‘Erm, is anybody out there….?’ And… nothing. Seeing as men are supposedly from Mars, I ask why my ex was such a loser? And… nada.

Soon I’m being brought back to Earth and I do feel a lot more chilled out. Lohi shows us the photos she took of the sky during our session. They are filled with odd white marks  and bright lights that she explains are the aliens all around us. With no other explanation (not even a greasy screen – I ask her to wipe it) they do look convincing. “You just need to be at one, still your mind, tune in and connect.” While I may need a lot more training, steely etermination and dedication to get there, there’s no doubt about it, galactic meditation is the new Spock ‘n’ roll.

How to meditate
1. Start with a positive outlook and belief that meditation will work. Being sceptical hinders your mind from really switching off.
2. The more you practice, the easier it will become to reach your meditative state on command.
3. When starting out, practice first thing in the morning rather than at night when you're more likely to forget or be distracted. Start off with two or three minutes, five days a week,  building to 10, 15 etc.
4. Meditation is the art of quieting yourself to your stillest brain rhythm, called delta, which is equal to deep sleep. Once you're sitting quietly, close your eyes and inhale and exhale easily and fully. Thinking doesn't have to stop, but the attempt to stop thinking does. If you find yourself disrupted, just return to your breathing.
5. For the best results, meditate outdoors. That way you’ll have no walls and technology that can disrupt any connections with the energies around you.

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