Gabriel Aubry’s Dark Side

Halle Berry's ex alleged to have far-from model behavior
Tuesday , 04 October 2011
Halle Berry with Nahla
Halle Berry with Nahla
Gabriel Aubry
Gabriel Aubry

Despite the angelic name, Gabriel Aubry couldn’t have acted much worse if he tried during his five year relationship with Halle Berry.

Halle and Gabriel are both fighting for custody of their three-year-old daughter Nahla, but new sources now claim the male model was physically and verbally violent as well as racist to Halle and even Nahla.

“He screamed that she was a ‘ghetto n****r’ and threw a chair against the wall,” a source told Star magazine.

Gabriel, who has modelled for most major fashion labels including Calvin Klein, DKNY and Joop, allegedly also insulted and attacked valets, waitresses and nannies.

Despite Halle once coming in 6th place in the Miss World Pageant, apparently Gabriel quickly lost any passion for her, and was completely uninterested even when she became pregnant.

“He didn’t show any enthusiasm about the pregnancy,” the insider explains. “He didn’t help pick out baby names.”

It seems strange that after all of that he’s now so keen to get custody.