Furne One

The Filipino fashion designer who’s taking his designs to new places
Thursday , 06 April 2017
Furne One
Furne One
  • In the past few months I’ve been overseeing the construction and interior design of Amato’s two new spaces at the Dubai Design District where my ready-to-wear and couture creations will be available.

  • Besides dressing famous celebrities and receiving numerous awards, the achievement I’m most proud of is providing employment for my staff. Most of them have become like family to me.

  • A lot of young designers think that the fashion industry is just about pretty dresses, fabulous parties and being famous. They often forget about the responsibilities that go along with it. The truth is, it’s all about having a clear vision of your aesthetic, good business acumen, hard work and perseverance. 

  • When I was young, I started dressing my sisters' dolls and when I was around 10 years old I started sketching dresses and that continued till I went to college. As a boy, I would keep to myself and spend most of my time alone with my imagination and sketching.

  • It’s quite challenging to think of a fresh and original ideas – something that hasn't been done before that will surprise your audience as well as amaze them.

  • My mother has always been my muse and my biggest influencer, ever since I was a child. She’s a fabulous, strong and vibrant woman that I will always look up to. 

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