Furne One

The couture designer who launched his first pret-a-porter collection
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Furne One
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Furne One
• I’ve always wanted to do a ready-to-wear line, and in 2015 I launched Amato Pret-A-Porter, which had a great response from my audience. I also got to dress Katy Perry again, which is always an amazing experience – she’s just so beautiful inside and out.
• There are no shortcuts – I just work hard every day and focus on my craft, which I think is all that matters. I don’t like dwelling on negative comments and the people that make them. I do my best to surround myself with an amazing team and good friends that help me grow and inspire my work.
• I’ll always remember what New York-based designer Josie Natori said to me: “Always be responsible in everything you do.” I was young when I started working for her in New York and she just helped open my eyes to the business of fashion.
• When I won a prestigious design competition in the Philippines, I realised all eyes were on me! I had to work twice as hard to meet everyone’s expectations, manage my deadlines and still have time for my family. 
• In 2016, I’d really like to focus on building Amato’s ready-to-wear line. I think it has so much potential and Amato has such a wide range of followers that their demand for more casual and affordable dresses is actually overwhelming.
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