Actress Natalie Portman

Full-Body Fabulous

15 Jan 2011

Get a head-to-toe glow by following in the footsteps of Hollywood’s hottest bods!

Natalie Portman attributes her flawless complexion to a simple beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising with an SPF lotion. Skin expert Yvonne Martine says, “Before going to bed always remove old product, sweat and dirt, which clog pores and cause breakouts. If on the move use baby wipes, as these don’t contain alcohol.” Allow your skin to breathe and avoid overloading make-up. If you insist on being dolled up, choose mineral cosmetics that don’t block the pores. For that extra glow, Candice Gardner of the International Dermal Institute advises, “Lightly drum your index, middle and ring fingers over your face. This helps drain toxins, reduce puffiness and boost your complexion.”

For an easier alternative to horse shampoo – which is favoured by Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker – for frizz free, smooth locks Elliott Bassila, the creative director at Nicky Clarke recommends switching cotton pillows to silk. “It locks in the hair’s natural oils, leaving your mane looking luscious.” When it comes to using heating appliances such as straighteners and curling tongs, use heat protecting serums to minimise heat damage. Likewise use leave-in conditioner when hitting the beach, it will not only preserve lustre in colour treated hair but will minimise UV damage.

Shoulders and Back
Over head dumbbell presses, lateral raises and chin ups are target exercises to obtain Jessica Beil’s enviably toned shoulders and back. Correct posture is also instantly slimming while bad posture highlights round shoulders, double chins and spilling tummies. Dominic Cheetham of Sloane Square Chiropractors says, “Take the wall test. Stand with your back to a wall – your bottom, shoulders and back of head should be touching the wall for perfect posture.” Adding, “Never overfill your handbag. Your bag should always weigh less than eight per cent of your own body weight.”

Achieving abs like Megan Fox is not going to happen overnight. So fake it by holding in your belly, this not only makes you look smaller but helps work the stomach muscles. For a more long-term plan Men’s Fitness editor Andrew Nagy says it’s important to focus on the core: “Stabilising exercises such as the squat will not only tone the legs but shape the stomach and surrounding muscles. Combine crunches and plank exercises.” Cut the sugar from your diet to reduce cellulite.

Kim Kardashian may have a huge booty but it’s definitely toned. Squats are by far the best out of all the butt exercises. Dumbbell lunges work the butt, quads, inner and outer thighs and hamstrings. It’s a perfect lower body exercise.

Fitness expert Joanna Hall says, “Tricep dips are the key to toned arms. Sit on the stairs and put your hands behind you on the step above. Your fingers should face forwards and your feet should rest on the floor. Now straighten your arms, lifting your bottom off the step and keeping your knees bent. Repeat 15 times.”

“Cameron’s trick is consistency in participating in various athletic events such as surfing, running and working out in the gym,” says celebrity fitness trainer, Kathy Kaehler. “She mixes cardio with strength training and a lot of core. It takes resistance.” Do lunges, leg curls, and squats as well as cardio five times a week.