Fuel prices set to rise in August

They were on the decline the past 2 months
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 31 July 2017
Fuel prices set to rise in August

Looks like both the temperature and fuel prices are climbing up, up, up this moth!

Petrol prices have been revised for the month of August, and the new prices are as follows, reports Khaleej Times:

Unleaded gasoline 98: Dhs1.89 per litre, up from Dhs1.86 in July.
Unleaded gasoline 95: Dhs1.78 per litre, compared to Dhs1.75 in July.
Unleaded gasoline 91: Dhs1.71 a litre, up from Dhs1.68 in July.
Diesel: Dhs1.88 per litre, compared to Dhs1.84 in July.

Hit your local gas stations today, before August begins!

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