Fuel Prices Are Going Up, Up, Up!

Fuel Prices Are Going Up, Up, Up!

02 May 2017

May isn't the best month for drivers

The UAE began revising petrol prices regularly based on the international market last year, and since then, every month is a surprise for motorists.

April saw a drop in prices but May has brought with it an increase!

Unleaded 98 gasoline will now cost Dhs2.01 per litre, while unleaded 95 gasoline will be charged at Dhs1.90 per litre, reports Khaleej Times.

The cost of unleaded 91 gasoline has been revised upwards to Dhs1.83 per litre and Diesel will cost Dhs1.97 a litre, the ministry announced on its website.

Will you be using public transport more this month?