The Front Row Diet

Never mind the models - check out the super-scary stay skinny secrets of fashion’s front row!
Tuesday , 22 February 2011
The Front Row Diet
Anna Wintour

Anna's Stay Skinny Secret?

The famously frosty and supremely spindly Editor in Chief of American Vogue maintains her rail thin frame with a high protein diet of meat, meat and lots more meat. The 61-year-old fashion legend starts every day with a 5.30am game of tennis, followed by a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Her signature lunch of rare hamburger (no bun), ordered from the kitchens of the Royalton Hotel, is alternated on occasion with a fillet steak and green salad, no dressing. Just like everything else in 64kg Anna’s uber-skinny world, anything with the merest hint of fat showing simply won’t be tolerated.

Rachel's Stay Skinny Secret?

She claims she’s often ‘too busy to eat.’ But super skinny Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe’s extreme diet fixation is said to have been the reason behind previous clients Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton’s terrifying weight loss. Said to exist upon copious amounts of black coffee, sugar free gum and diet coke, with a grapefruit for breakfast, Rachel’s friends say she’s found pregnancy extremely hard to deal with. “She’s just not used to eating three meals a day” said a source close to the 38 year old stylist, who’s expecting her first baby in the spring.”With her baby bump barely showing during NYFW, Rachel’s said to be keeping a close eye on how much weight she puts on during her pregnancy, and according to sources, has signed up for a baby bootcamp the week after the delivery. Eek!

Tinsley's Stay Skinny Secret?

She’s the ultimate Park Avenue princess - and New York It Girl Tinsley’s made a career out of looking permanently fabulous. The willowly blonde handbag designer follows the Park Avenue Diet to maintain her tiny figure. “I eat egg whites, grilled chicken, tuna fish, cheese, coffee and salad” revealed the immaculately attired Tinsley as she headed to her front row seat at NYFW. ”It’s a very low, if not no-carb diet. But I keep fit with running and lots of tennis.”

MK Ashley'sStay Skinny Secret?

Billionaire fashion moguls Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are sooo teeny they could probably share a seat on the front row. At little over five foot tall, and weighing around 50kg each, the twins are rumoured to have overcome their ‘food issues’ and are said to be ‘eating normally.’ Said to follow a high protein, low carb diet, interspersed with sushi and salads, the twins reportedly can’t live without extra tall, skinny lattes for a mega caffeine buzz. And despite having pots of cash to splash on travelling by limo all over their New York stomping ground, MK and Ashley prefer to walk everywhere, as it ‘helps them burn off all the calories they consume in the day.’ That’ll be, ooh, about 50 calories then, right girls?

Anna's Stay Skinny Secret?

With a separate apartment dedicated to her ever expanding collection of clothes, staying sample size slim is a priority for Vogue Nippon’s wildly extravagant Anna Dello Russo. Famous for her sculpted physique and spectacular pins, Anna is a dedicated yoga fan, rising at 5.30am every day to attend a 7am yoga class before hitting the pool for a whopping three hours of swimming. But you won’t catch Anna D.R enjoying a lunchtime steak with her Vogue counterpart Anna W during fashion week - a dedicated pescetarian, Anna exists on a mainly vegetarian diet with an occasional addition of fish. “I’m Italian, so I love food - but I love fashion more.”
Hold the tiramisu!

Olivia's Stay Skinny Secret?

No front row is complete without super stylish The Hills star Olivia, and the model and socialite claims to keep her size 2 body with a strict diet and exercise regime she learned when living in the world’s most fabulous fashion capital. “Growing up, I lived in Paris, and I learned to eat like the French women” spilled Olivia. “Food is like a delicacy. They have a little bit. You just eat until you’re full.” The 23-year-old star professes a healthy diet is the secret to slipping into her fave bodycon frocks “I eat a lot of fish, vegetables and sushi. I don’t really diet. I eat a lot, actually. I like to ski, so that’s how I stay in shape.”

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