Travel From Dubai to London In 29 Minutes? Yes!

Travel From Dubai to London In 29 Minutes? Yes!

15 Oct 2017

Elon Musk plans for a rocket that will take passengers from Dubai to London in just 29 minutes

Most scientists are building rockets to reach Mars but Elon Musk has plans to build a rocket that takes a trip to the moon as well as around the earth. And it starts from Dubai.

Elon Musk, who invented the Dubai to Abu Dhabi hyper-loop has planned to build a new rocket ship named “BFR” and it’s supposed to take passengers from Dubai to London in 29 minutes. No more eight-hour flights!

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With a speed of 27,000 km/h, Musk’s proposed rocket ship will, presumably, head out into a near-Earth orbit and shoot around the planet in hypersonic speeds. Flights from Dubai London and New York will be possible within half an hour.

Not only will the rocket reach destinations faster than ever it’s cost will remain the same as an ordinary flight. “Cost per seat should be about the same as full fare economy in an aircraft. Forgot to mention that,” he posted on his Instagram page.

About BFR

But is BFR safe? An “Ask Me Anything” chat session on Reddit raised questions if a powerful rocket that reaches around the globe in half an hour instead of a full-fledged 15 hour flight offer the same amount of safety?

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To this, Musk noted that there will be more engines with lower thrust to provide more versatility, which means a bigger margin of safety in case one of the engines failed. He also added, “We developed a new metal alloy for the oxygen pump that has both high strength at temperature and won’t burn”.

So rest assured, travellers. This is (apparently) one safe rocket!

The staggering feat of engineering will take place in Dubai since it offers itself as a perfect travel hub to test the BFR. The construction for the rocket is expected to begin by next year with the first launch planned for 2022.