Frog’s Legs in a Herb Crust with Green Vegetables

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Monday , 12 March 2012
Frog’s Legs in a Herb Crust with Green Vegetables
Frog’s Legs in a herb crust with green vegetables

Frog’s Legs in a Herb Crust with Green Vegetables
4 frog’s legs per person
Herb Crust
100g chervil
100g parsley
50g garlic (chopped)
150g bread crumbs
1 egg
30g flour
Frog Stock
100g frog leg bones
50g mushroom
30g shallots
5g thyme
20g leek
300ml water
50ml olive oil
40ml white wine
100ml frog stock
50g horse radish fresh
100ml cream
1 squeeze lime juice
Green Vegetables
30g baby zucchini
30g snap pea
40g pak choi
30g red radish
3 dandelion leaves
100ml chicken stock
20g butter
50ml olive oil
Salt to taste
Serves 4

1. For the herb crust, peel the garlic and parsley and blend with the chopped garlic and bread crumbs until you get a green colour.
2. For the green vegetables, cut the zucchini in different shapes and blanch in salt water for 20 seconds. Cool down in ice water and keep aside. Do the same with snap peas. Take a pan and add olive oil. Sautee the pak choi first then add the other vegetables. Finish with chicken stock, salt and butter.
3. For the frog stock, sautee the frog bones in olive oil together with shallots. Add the mushrooms, thyme and leeks. Keep cooking for 10 minutes then deglaze with white wine and fill up with water. Cook for 20 minutes and strain. Keep aside or keep in the fridge or, if needed, in the freezer.
4. For the final dish, add the frog stock into the pan and start to reduce until the liquid has halved. Next, add horseradish and cream and simmer. Finally, strain and season to taste. Add the lime at the last-minute before serving.
5. Prepare the frog’s legs and bread them with the herb crust. Pan fry them in butter. Sautee the vegetables in chicken stock and butter then place the vegetables in the middle of the plate and garnish with the breaded frog’s legs. Finish with a decorative dandelion leaf. For the sauce, bring to boil, season to taste and serve on the side. The sauce has to be served in front of the guest.

INFO: This recipe was provided courtesy of Traiteur, 04 317 2222,

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