Fresh Italian Buffalo Mozzarella with Heirloom Tomatoes

30 Nov 2011

Sample this chic dish from At.Mosphere

120gr fresh buffalo mozzarella
80gr heirloom tomatoes
30gr fresh basil
10gr pine nuts
15gr aged Parmesan cheese
20gr extra-virgin olive oil
3gr Maldon salt flakes
5gr Afilla cress
2gr black pepper

1. Blow torch the tomatoes and peel them. Marinate with Maldon salt, basil and olive oil.
2. To make the pesto sauce, blend basil, roasted pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil.
3. Cut the mozzarella in four pieces.
4. Plate the tomatoes, with the cheese, the pesto sauce, dress with Afilla cress and finish with a touch of black pepper.

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