French Chocolate and Belgian Tapas – This Month’s Gourmet Must-Haves

09 Aug 2013

From custom-made chocs to a new after-work lounge, see what’s on the Gourmet Editor’s Wish List

BRING on the...
I’m intrigued by the new lounge opening in The H Hotel at the end of next month. The venue is the brainchild of Belgian restaurateurs Lars and Ronny Haesen and promises a Belgian take on Spanish tapas. The concept is all about sharing and is aimed at the after-work crowd for casual food and drinks in a cool setting.
INFO: Breakfast delivery only to neighbouring office towers, open for lunch and dinner, The H Hotel, No. 1 Sheikh Zayed Road.

La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie
Ah, Paris! Soon we’ll have a new taste of it in Downtown Dubai in the form of this two-storey café-boulangerie-bistro combination. The team behind the new eatery spent time at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and Dubai’s La Petite Maison, so we’ve got high expectations when it opens this month. 
INFO: Vida Downtown, The Boulevard, 04 428 6969,

ZChocolat for the custom-made chocolates 
As a perk of the job, a lot of chocolate comes my way but this particular box really set itself apart. With my name on a little gold plaque on the exterior of the Mahogany collection box and the Gourmet logo on the inside, it had that tangible personal touch. It doesn’t hurt that the chocolates tucked inside were 100 per cent French-made and absolutely lush. They’ll customise any of their collections to suit your needs and deliver to 244 countries.