This picture shows thunder strikes a building in North Point District as rainstorm hits the city. 21MAY13

Freak Weather Hits Qatar

13 Sep 2015

Did you get caught in the rain over the weekend?

It looks like autumn is coming earlier than expected with thunder, rain and hail arriving in to the country over the weekend, pleasing the citizens of Doha with the welcome change.

However thanks to the rain, parts of Qatar were flooded near the Labseer tunnel on Al Shahaniya road causing traffic problems and other obstructions amongst the roads. In other areas of the country, sand storms have hit causing dust storms to occur resulting in low visibility on the roads so motorists are urged to be careful.

MET announced that an “increase in wave height with fresh winds is expected” with the thunderstorm over west of Messiad, being still active so if you're planning to go out to sea today, it's advised to wait until the weather has cleared up as more thunderstorms and hail are expected.