Frail Machine to Debut in Dubai

Photographer and artist Isidora Bojovic is blurring the lines of media in Dubai
ByMenakshi ChauhanTuesday , 11 February 2014
Frail Machine to Debut in Dubai
Intriguing: Frail Machine by Isidora Bojovic is launching in Dubai

Photographer and artist Isidora Bojovic is bringing something brilliantly different to the Dubai art scene.

Bojovic will showcase her unusual contemporary unique artwork with an exhibition called Frail Machine at the Cartoon Art Gallery, which will be launched on Wednesday 19th February in Al Quoz.

She uses pieces of mixed media photography and illustration to blur the boundaries between human beings and robots. Does that mean we are or will be the same in the near future? Do we foresee a future where machines are afforded the same rights as biological beings? How will we define ourselves and our creations in a world where the two combine indistinguishably? These are some questions her illustrations spark up!  

Get ready to sense the distinctiveness and helplessness behind each character with the artificial formation of cruel philosophy at this amazing art exhibition.

Isidora is also an ambassador for START, a non-profit organization recognised by Art Dubai and the Al Madad Foundation that runs workshops for underprivileged and refugee children, orphans and children with special needs across the UAE, Middle East and India.

Come and change lives and make a difference to these children today. Help, heal, educate and create a future as rich and free as their imagination, because they deserve it!

INFO: The Cartoon Art Gallery, Al Quoz, Wed 19 Feb to Wed 26 Feb 2014, Daily from 6pm, for more information visit or email

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