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Fragrances For Him and Her

12 Oct 2010

Not sure what new scent to spritz this season? We've got the notes on what's hot now

With a new season comes new scents - not only outside where we can venture once more now that summer is over but inside where department stores are littered with fresh smelling fragrances. Want to know what scent to spritz when you’re strolling through the mall or what new signature smell to adopt? Then pay attention because we’ve got the hottest fragrances for him and her to hit the beauty shelf!

For Her
Guerlainhave just launched a huge range of new fragrances called The Exclusives but our fav by far was the Rose Barbare. The new scent created by expert noses in Paris smells exactly like a bed of roses wafting in on the sea breeze to our French chalet. Oh we can dream. But that’s the best bit about a fab fragrance, it makes you feel like someone or somewhere you’re not. Other fragrances in the line have notes of vanilla, iris, gardenia and beluga – which makes choosing the scent that’s right for you so much easier. The range is sold exclusively at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates and Paris Gallery, Dubai Mall.

The beauty behind the new Clarins scent, Eau des Jardins, is that it not only smells amazing but it’s designed to treat your scenes too. Feeling a bit down? Then spritz away because this fresh, vibrant scent will uplift your mood in a minute and have you floating on fragrant air for the rest of the day.

If you’re looking for a powerful perfume that makes a statement then look no further than Thierry Mugler Womanity. The lovely sweet smelling scent comes in a rather futuristic looking bottle that dazzles with the pink liquid encased in a fab silver lining. This fragrance is perfect for a night out on the town with the girls.

Pretty as a picture Absolutely Me by Escadais perfect for women who like a scent to look as cute as them. The gorge butterfly-shaped bottle with black jewel shaped lid is perfect for keeping on the bed side table and squirting a quick spray after the shower or just before you step out of the house. Wear this to a day in the great outdoors.

Flora by Gucci
is as fab as the other great Gucci fragrances on the market. So we say if you’re looking for a classic with a new twist then this is the fragrance to invest in. Perfect day or night, in warm or cool weather, this scent has staying power which is the number one positive in our perfumes hand books.

Orlanewhile known for their divine skincare products has a range of three signature fragrances worth writing home about. The Fluers d’ORLANE is a divine scent that smells like you’ve just scooped a hand full of fresh flowers from the field and squeezed the delish scent all over your body. Makes you want to spray your body in it right now!

Guess Seductiveis a divine mix of bold top notes in zesty, dazzling Bergamot, vibrant Blackcurrant and crispy Pear. The scent evokes a mouthwatering desire to spray away which is exactly why we love the new Guess. The range also includes a shower gel and moisturizer so you can layer your smells to keep the smell alive.

Gucci Guilty. Slight sexy, very feminine and highly intoxicating, this new scent from the famous fashion house is the new scent for Autumn. It’s one you’ll try once and keep coming back to. Trust us!

For Him

Dolce Gabbana Light Bluetakes you to the Mediterranean and back again. The fresh and light scent reminds us of days floating in clear blue waters, wondering down pebbled streets and conjures us the feeling of holiday relaxation - which, in the middle of the desert comes as a welcome suprise that will leave you lusting after your next holiday without grumbling about the mound of work infront of you. Perfect for a day in the office.

Jo Malone in Rose Water Vanillais a firm favourite this winter. The smelling power of this fragrance house has us lusting after scents for our home as well as for our body. The scents formed at Jo Malone have the ability to conjure up memories of days past that are recreated to be remembered for a lifetime to come. Perfect for popping on straight out of the shower.

We love the Lacoste Challengescent for men but the fact that Hayden Christensen is the face of the fragrance makes us love it just that little bit more. What woman wouldn’t want their man to smell like the sexy star and what man wouldn’t want to have the charming characteristics associated with the ahem, manly scent. Plus it comes in a counter-top worthy bottle that sings Lacoste. It’s a top seller in our books!

With top notes of birch leaf, heart notes of cardamom and base notes of louro amarelo wood and musk the Boss by Hugo Boss.Bottled.Nighthad us at the first spray. The scent is the kind that will stop people in their tracks as it wraps around the air releasing a divine smell perfect for wearing at night.

Niche luxury French brand, The Different Company have launched Sel De Vetiverexclusively at Harvey Nichols and it’s taking the fragrance department by storm. Not only is it the best selling fragrance in the range but it was named the award winning flagrance of 2006 by the New York Time magazine. Now that’s hot!

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