Destiny’s Child's Michelle Williams attacks fan!

You're not going to believe what she said to a fan on Instagram...
ByHend FadelThursday , 26 November 2015
Destiny’s Child's  Michelle Williams attacks fan!
Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams has something to say...

Even though celebs are criticised everyday on social media, Michelle Williams clearly had enough after blasting a fan who poked fun at her appearance on an Instagram post.

The 35-year-old posted an image of herself dressed festively online as she thanked the hair and make-up team that helped her look glamorous for an event in Birmingham, Alabama on Monday night. Writing "Fun times in Birmingham, AL last night on #TheThankfulTour!”. "Sooooo much love to Camisha Rivers for doing my hair and Sylvia Smith for my makeup!"

However, one fan wasn't impressed by the singer's look as she took to Facebook and said: "Wtf happen to her she got Skinty".

Michelle was alerted to the post and fired back: "What happened to you, you have gotten soooooo FAT!!! Ma'am I'm not even gonna tell you that you could push back from a few plates because God is working on me to be a better person!!! "You are certainly welcome to your opinion and observations but HONEY... make sure you look beauty pageant ready at ALL times before you come for ANYBODY!! Even on my worst day I'm still killing!!"

"Make sure you use wisdom on what's necessary to put in people's comment sections!!" she added.

Her ferocious feedback has since been taken down, and she attempted to explain her outburst a little later in response to a fan who was taken aback. "I wasn't calling her fat as much as I was showing her what comments like that could possibly feel like. There were more comments made but I deleted them because I do have a mixture of people from different faiths and background that do follow me."

She ended the post saying: "I probably would have never saw the comment but being that I'm on a tour and we're driving to the next destination... I had some time on my hands. Thank you for your love!! It won't happen again. (I think)." 

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