Forgot your credit card? Don't worry, you can pay with your Nol card!

Here are five places that accept Nol card payments
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 25 July 2017
Forgot your credit card? Don't worry, you can pay with your Nol card!

Your Nol card isn't just for public transport anymore!

Here are 5 places you can use your Nol card to pay, so next time you forget your credit card, you don't have to worry!

1. Payment for public transport
This is the main reason Nol cards were made. To increase the ease with which commuters could use different modes of public transport. You can swipe your Nol card to take the metro, bus or water taxi, easy peasy!

2. Payment of taxi fares
You can also use your Nol card to pay your cab fare the next time you're out of change. A small reminder, there is a Dhs1 transaction fee, but we don't think that'll be stopping many people from using their Nol cards to pay.

3. Entry into parks in Dubai
No, we don't mean IMG or Dubai Parks and Resorts. You can now use your Nol cards to enter public parks in Dubai such as Mushrif Park, where the Dubai Municipality has installed a smart gate, allowing visitors to simply swipe their Nol cards to enter. Zabeel Park, Mamzar Park, and Creek Park will also enjoy this facility soon.

4. Payment at retail stores
Now, you can pay with your Nol card at the mall! Initially, it ws jus Zoom stores at the metro and petrol stations that accepted the card as payment. Mow, the RTA has expanded this service to 1,000 outlets across the city!

5. Pay for parking
No more digging into your pockets for that last Dirham to put in the parking meter, use your Nol card! This applies to all parking zones in Dubai

Keep your Nol card with you at all times, you never know when you might need it!

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