Forever 21 put diet bars in plus-size packages? Not cool!

Forever 21 put diet bars in plus-size packages? Not cool!

25 Jul 2019

Ugh, this is seriously so triggering

Clothing brand Forever 21 is under fire for their questionable strategy to include diet bars in packages that contain plus-sized clothing.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

There were a string of customer complaints after people noticed the free Atkins diet bar that came with their orders. The Atkins programme is a popular diet that advocates an extremely low-carb diet - something that might not be suitable for all people.

The criticism Atkins received in the past few years has increased, especially after people started being advised to try healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

The Atkins diet was super popular back in the early 2000s, but there was really no evidence to prove that it was sustainable. In fact, studies highlighted the health risks it could lead to, such as cancer, strokes, and heart disease, especially in women.

People have commented that Forever 21's strategy could be considered fat-shaming, and could trigger people of all sizes that have issues with body image.

And sure, it might just be a harmless partnership between Atkins and Forever 21, but the fact that they didn't consider this is really irresponsible.

Many plus-sized customers took to Twitter to criticize the brand following the discovery of the bars in their packages.

Some shoppers found out that plus-sized customers weren't the only ones getting the bar.

Shame on you, Forever 21.