Foods Your Kids Will Love

Tricks and treats to make sure your little ones eat healthy
Dr Melanie Schlatter
Dr Melanie Schlatter

Q Is there a trick that I can use to convince my children to eat more fruit and veg? Ruba, 34
Start being a role model to your children. Show them how ‘normal’ it is to eat these foods, and how much you enjoy eating them yourself. Let them see you making regular healthy choices (eg choosing fruit punnets at the mall), and make healthy food more accessible to them, such as mini carrots in the fridge, or bags of apples in the car. Take them shopping with you and let them choose the fruit and veggies that they would like to eat. Then let them engage in the preparation of food - kids love eating their own creations. Children take time to adapt to new foods so don’t give up! Melanie

Dr Melanie Schlatter, PhD Consultant Health Psychologist. She unblocks those mental hurdles.

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