Food Trend Predictions for 2015

Will you be able to stomach what's new on the menu?
ByJasmine BandaliTuesday , 13 January 2015
Food Trend Predictions for 2015

You know how food trends like kale and quinoa just pop out of nowhere and become the latest craze on every menu? It’s actually down to tastemakers at the National Restaurant Association which represents half a million culinary outlets worldwide, whose job it is to predict up and coming culinary sensations. Weird and wonderful items will include insects, yes insects, which contain higher levels of protein than beef, more iron than spinach and just as much Vitamin B12 as salmon and will be making their way into flour and more. Other items on the watch list include savoury ice cream in flavours like tomato and carrot, fermented foods like Korean cabbage kimchi and black food in the form of breads like the squid ink based varieties already available in Japan and activated charcoal used as a meat rub for grilled items to decrease cooking time. 

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