Flying to Australia from the UAE?

Here's what you need to know
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 10 April 2017
Flying to Australia from the UAE?
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You can take your laptop onboard

We all know about Trump's ban on electronic devices on inbound flights to the US.

Now, if you're traveling down under, you should know that Australia and New Zealand have also beefed u security measures.

While you won't be asked to stow your laptop or iPad in your luggage, your device may be randoly selected for an explosives detection check.

These tests will run for all flights from Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi to Australia – affecting Emirates, Qantas, Etihad and Qatar Airways. Australia’s Transport Minister, Darren Chester, said there was no specific threat to Australia and that the extra checks were just a precautionary measure in response to the action taken by the British and American authorities, reports What's On.

Interestingly, Australia has said these checks will only be in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, while the US ban extends to eight Muslim-majority countries.

Australian carrier Qantas has had this to say about the change: “In line with updated Australian Government requirements, Qantas will implement additional screening of passengers flying from the UAE (Dubai) to Australia. This involves using a similar random explosive trace detection test already used at major Australian airports. This will apply to passengers travelling on QF2 (Dubai-Sydney) and QF10 (Dubai-Melbourne) only.”

Air travel from this region is changing fast!

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