Floatation Therapy at Point Zero

Health Ed Naomi tries out the latest craze
ByNaomi ChaddertonSunday , 25 January 2015
Floatation Therapy at Point Zero

The Treatment: I’d heard so much about floatation therapy over recent months yet having not tried anything like it during my six years as a beauty journalist, to say I was intrigued would be an understatement. But how could 60 minutes spent floating on water really benefit you? Quite a lot, apparently. I’ll start with a little science to whet your appetite – it’s based on ‘Restrictive Environmental Stimulation Therapy’ which allows you to drift into a deep state of relaxation and disconnection so you completely zone out from the world. Whether you opt to float in the larger ‘Cabin’ or the private pod, you start by stripping off and taking a shower before preparing for utter relaxation. And while I was worried I’d feel claustrophobic in the pod, I gave it a shot anyway and couldn’t be happier with the results. The experience is completely unque – the Epsom-salt solution removes all effects of gravity on the body so you feel totally weightless and lying doing nothing for 60 minutes is such a treat in today’s world. There’s fresh water, a panic button and you have total control too, so you’re in safe hands!

The Results: While it took me a little while to stop my mind from racing, when I did I fell into a gentle sleep, only woken at the end of the treatment by the pod opening. If you’re a little unsure I recommend keeping the roof open slightly and using the ear plugs to stop the water clogging your ears. There’s soft music to help you drift and I left feeling utterly relaxed. I only wish I had one in my home so I could slip straight into bed afterwards! Well this is an option after all…

INFO: Point Zero, 044579991. www.pointzerofloatation.com


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