A flight to Delhi was delayed for almost a day due to terrible monsoon rains

ByShehla MominMonday , 08 July 2019
A flight to Delhi was delayed for almost a day due to terrible monsoon rains

People flying to Delhi on Tuesday where put in a sour mood when the IndiGo flight was delayed for a whopping 11 hours!

The passengers were forced to stay at the terminal for 6 and a half hours and were finally boarded by 1:35 AM but the airplane did not take off till 6:12 AM – 5 hours after they sat in their seats. That’s like 7 hours more than what it usually takes to reach the country. 

This delay came following the closure of a runway in the Mumbai Airport when a domestic flight overshot its mark while landing during heavy rainfall. This caused over 54 flights to divert from Mumbai airport to other airports in the country.

A spokeswoman for IndiGo said, “Due to the ongoing closure of the main runway in Mumbai, after an incident with another airline, compounded by the severe weather conditions, a substantial number of cancellations and diversions for IndiGo and other airlines had to be implemented.”

The IndiGo 6E024 flight was scheduled to depart the Dubai International Airport at 7 PM on the 2nd of July but due to extreme turbulent weather, the flight was unable to take off until 6:12 AM the next morning.

Also, that wasn’t the only flight to suffer major delays to and from India. On the July 1, an Emirates flight to Mumbai was not just delayed but was forced to come back to Dubai after departure. 

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