Flea Market in Abu Dhabi

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Tuesday , 16 August 2011
Flea Market in Abu Dhabi
Flea market

You know the old saying ‘one man’s trash is another’s
treasure’, well there is a second hand flea market about to set up shop in Abu Dhabi
and it’s going to be full of exotic finds. Looking to sell clothes, furniture,
accessories or even children’s toys? Then sign up now! Want to browse through
the treasures of others? Then pencil in 17 September into your diary and get
ready to rock the rustic finds at the Arzanah Ballroom, Sheraton Abu Dhabi.

INFO: Table space
costs Dhs250 to sell your products from. 9am to 2pm, 17 September, 2011. For
more information email martina.venus@sheraton.com.