Fitness Inspiration: Lina Sami

An inside track on the women’s winner of the UAE Fitness Challenge in association with Shape and Men’s Fitness
Fitness Inspiration: Lina Sami
Lina Sami

LINA SAMI was the triumphant winner of UAE Fitness Challenge in association with SHAPE and Men’s Fitness magazines. The 27-year old works incredibly hard to stay this fit. With daily exercises that include ‘an insane amount’ of squats, lunges, press-ups, burpees and running, she has also completely changed her diet – although she does allow herself the odd treat. We thought it only fair that she shares some of her secrets…

What I Can’t Live Without

• My iPod to help me zone out.

• My Nike trainers to help me focus on my sprints without injuries.

• Comfortable gym gear that won’t get in the way of my training.

My Workout “I train hard every day to keep my fitness and physique up to a high standard. I used to play a lot of football but now my workouts consist of cardio and upper and lower body daily workouts at The Circuit Factory which is located in 24Fitness. It is the most intense and enjoyable exercise I have ever done.”

My Warm Up Exercise The warm up at The Circuit Factory consists of a gruelling 10-minute run.

Her Eating Habits “I changed my lifestyle to eating super clean food to get into the shape that I am in right now. It’s all about the right foods in the right portions, cutting out simple carbohydrates, saturated fats, unnecessary sugars and everything that would stand in the way of my goal. With this change of diet and my ongoing series of workouts, I am fortunate that I can then start bringing back some of the things I previously sacrificed in my squeaky clean diet like cheesecake, ice cream, noodles and endless amounts of mangoes!”

3 Rules I Live By

Keep learning

Give myself new challenges

Afternoon power naps

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