Fitness Inspiration: Anna Bader

14 Oct 2012

Anna Bader is one of the world’s only female cliff divers. This adrenalin addict climbs to a height of 20 metres, before she dives head first into the sea!

Anna Bader came third in the WHDF 2012 European Championships and was invited to join Red Bull World Series as one of their opening divers. We've got more with her

DIVE IN “My highest dive to date was in the Red Bull Series 2008 in Polignano, where I dove off at 24.5 metres. For me, diving is such a great feeling. It’s about checking out my own limits, about having respect for the risk and being able to focus 100 per cent.”

MY OLD SPORT HELPS THIS ONE “I was a gymnast when I was young, and started diving at the age of 13. I still do a lot of gymnastics to stay in shape. I dive every day for practice and I also stretch and work out to keep my core muscles fit.”

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE “I’ve always enjoyed the combination of acrobatics and water. Plus the mental and physical challenge is immense.”

MY ONE RULE. “Keep on learning. If we stop learning, it’s time for a change.”