Fishy Business in the UAE

01 Oct 2012

Here's what to order if you're feeling environmentally friendly...

Fancy doing your bit for the environment next time you eat out? Then listen up. Two new species of fish have just been added to the list of sustainable varieties to order if you want to help the planet. The ominously-named giant sea catfish, known as khan, and the yellowtail scad, known as durduman, are A-OK. All you need to do now is have the nerve to ask your waiter for them. But it’s worth it.

The National reports, “In the UAE, 60 per cent of the total catch is made up of overfished species, with catches of hammour and kingfish seven times above sustainable levels, the society says. Since 1978, the total decline in stock of some species that live close to the seabed is 95 per cent.” And apparently they don’t taste too bad either. Bonus! The daily added, “The catfish, with its sweet taste and flaky texture, can be baked, fried or made into fishcakes. The yellowtail scad, with its lightly salty taste, is best steamed or fried.”

Sounds good to us, we'll have saved the planet in no time!