First picture of MJ’s tomb revealed

10 Nov 2009

Singer’s resting place was shrouded in secrecy…until now


The first publicly-released photo of MICHAEL JACKSON's tomb has laid to rest mystery surrounding the King of Pop's final burial site.

The Thriller legend, who passed away in June, was interred in a mausoleum at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California on 3 September in front of 200 of his closest friends and family.

The Jackson family has kept the public away from the high-security burial site - visitors must be on a pre-approved list before gaining further entry to pay respects to the late entertainer.

A photo published by the New York Post shows selected visitors are greeted by a stained-glass reproduction of da Vinci's The Last Supper before entering the tomb, adorned with flowers, framed photos, letters and other souvenirs from mourners.

Jackson's sister La Toya revealed in September her brother was buried as a true showman - dressed in white pearl beads and a big gold belt. She added, "His hair was done beautifully, his makeup was done beautifully."