The First Black Bond!

10 Dec 2008

Three stars have revealed they want to be the first black 007. Ahlan! rates their chances of landing the coveted secret spy role...

The name’s... Foxx
Jamie Foxx
Shaken or stirred?
Actor Jamie is pretty geared up to do battle for the role, but in a far more smoothly stirred way than Diddy.

Will the tux fit?Having starred in the likes of Jarhead, The Kingdom and Miami Vice, Jamie is well used to playing an ice-cool killer on screen, and the 41-year-old Oscar winner has already practised 007’s most famous line... on none other than James Bond himself! “I was in London and I had to give an award to the current James Bond, Daniel Craig,” Jamie revealed. “I went up and said, ‘Bond. Black Bond.’ And everybody just lost it. A Black Bond would be very cool.”

He says...“Of course I’d take the role. I’d put a little swing in it. A little hip-hop, you know.”

Rating:006 – He’s got the looks, the muscles and he’s a great actor!

The name’s... Akon
Just Akon
Shaken or stirred?
The music producer and singer is just behind Diddy in the shaken-up stakes, telling the world all about his suitability for the role.

Will the tux fit?Akon seems to think so – and he’s very confident about it. “A lot of people don’t know that I’m heavily trained in martial arts,” he revealed. “And when it comes to cars, that’s my thing. I was raised on cars,” Akon enthused. “I could do acting, It would probably take me six months to a year of training to make sure I’d get the role. I could handle that role, no problem. If I don’t ever get the opportunity, then I’m gonna shoot my own Bond movie.”

He says...“Nicole Scherzinger would definitely be my Bond girl. She’s perfect, she’s incredibly exotic, and she can fit with every nationality.”

Rating:003 – We’ve never seen him act, so we’ll hold fire until then.

The name’s... Diddy

P Diddy
Shaken or stirred?
The rapper is very much shaken up about his suitability for the role, and he started laying the groundwork for his campaign two years ago when he said, “One day the time will come for a black Bond, and hopefully I can audition for it. It’s a dream of mine to play a great role like that.”

Will the tux fit?Most sources are agreed that Diddy – real name Sean Combs – wouldn’t be a great choice, but that hasn’t stopped the mogul from splashing out Dhs2.7 million on his own audition tape, which he sent to producers, featuring himself in a helicopter, surrounded by a bevy of Bond girls and sporting a tuxedo. We need to see this tape!

He says...“There is a black president, and the time has come for there to be a black Bond.”

Rating:001 – Have you seen his ‘acting’ in his music videos?