Find Out Where You Can Catch a Glimpse of a Tropical Rainforest in Dubai

The artificial rainforest is set to be on the roof of a high-rise building!
ByAriel Robinson Sunday , 31 July 2016
Find Out Where You Can Catch a Glimpse of a Tropical Rainforest in Dubai
An artificial rainforest will be built in Dubai

Get ready for something special, as a new and exciting artificial forest is set to be built in a high-rise building in the city, equipped with a microclimate and a rain system.

The forest will be featured in the Rosemont Hotel, which is under construction, and will be available all year round! Alongside the tropical rainforest, will also be a splashpool, sand-less beach and a rainforest café – all found on the roof.

“The intent is to create an environment that is usable year-round. It’s promoting more outdoor usage even in the harsh climate here all summer,” said Preetam Panwar, executive director of Zas Architects and project director for Rosemont Hotel and Residences. “We’re creating a microclimate that is way cooler than the harsh summer you face in exposed areas which are barren and dry.”

The forest will include adventure trails, play zones, waterfalls and streams. Visitors can also check out the Rain Room where you won’t get wet due to a sensor that stops water flowing in a two-metre radius around the person walking in the room.

We can’t wait to see it!

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