It's All About the Money - What the Rich Need, Want, Must-Have

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BySarah HamdanWednesday , 17 September 2014
It's All About the Money - What the Rich Need, Want, Must-Have
These are the things the rich and famous want

What do the rich and richer want in their homes? Think Great Gatsby. Here’s a list of some of the things the affluent crowd likes to have around the house... er, mansion:

1. Pool
No matter the weather or time of day, the rich and famous love to have a pool to splash around in - indoor, outdoor, or both.  The designer floaties are optional. 

2. Home Cinema
Movie night takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve got plush leather lazy-boy armchairs and 3D movies to play on a massive screen at home.  Popcorn machine, anyone?

3. Elevator
With a very big house and multiple floors comes a need to have an elevator so you don’t have to climb staircases in Manolos, right? Some homes even have elevators for cars. 

4. Restaurant
An in-house chef? So last year. With large,  beautifully decorated spaces and handfuls of waiters, guests can have a Michelin-starred restaurant experience without ever leaving home. 

5. Helipad
Anybody can have a private chauffeur and a stretch limousine these days. The elite crowd needs to get places faster – hence, helicopters and helipads are a necessity. 

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