Filet 'Oscar' Style with Crab Cakes

29 Jun 2012

The secret to this delicacy from Ruth's Chris Steak House is now yours

Makes 6 crab cakes

Fillet steaks (preferred size)
350g back fin crabmeat
125g colossal lump crabmeat
40g seasoned bread crumbs
120g crab sauce
Aspargus to garnish
Shop-bought or homemade Béarnaise sauce

Crab Sauce
4 eggs
300g mayonnaise 
25g of Creole mustard
25g chopped parsley
½ tbsp blackening seasoning

To make the crab sauce, place eggs in a mixing bowl, mix well with wire whip, then add the remaining crab sauce ingredients and mix well.
2. Place crabmeat into a mixing bowl. Ladle crab sauce over crabmeat and gently fold to incorporate all ingredients and then sprinkle bread crumbs over crabmeat mixture. 
3. Use a 3-ounce scoop to create cakes, but make sure they’re not packed too tight, then fry on a low heat until golden brown.
4. Grill or pan fry your filets to taste, removing from heat a minute before cooking is complete, then leave meat to rest for 5 or 10 minutes before returning to the heat for the final minute. 
5. Top each fillet with blanched asparagus spears, a crab cake and your Béarnaise sauce.